You may be interested to know that Su-Yin is Marianne’s middle name. Her father was from Hong Kong and her mother from Cornwall so she is quite possibly a pirate from the Far East who drinks tea, is short and loves the sea.

Marianne has two boys aged 11 and 14 and a dog called Spike. He’s a Hungarian Vizsla and is very needy, but as he has a starring role in her stories it’s safe to say he’s very important in the household. Since 2010 Marianne has been making vintage style dresses which was the inspiration behind her book.


Marianne enjoys living a creative life on the beautiful Isle of Wight, a small Island off the South Coast of England you can only reach by boat. Fortunately there are big ferries to get people on and off the Island, and shops too, so her family doesn’t need to live like Robinson Crusoe and catch all their own food and live in a beach hut. However they do have a beach hut and in the summer there might be fresh mackerel for the BBQ, or lobster if they are feeling posh and very lucky. That’s if it has been freshly landed by the local fishmonger.


As for writing and all the other stuff which fills her day when she’s not being a mum, Marianne has been working as in the creative fields for many years. She takes photographs, writes, draws and produces things using her imagination, machines and digital technology. She also use pens and pencils, and rubbers and pencil sharpeners when her son hasn’t ‘borrowed’ them all. He is very good at drawing and a big inspiration so she doesn’t really mind.

On the Trail of the Missing Pets is her first children’s book.